Stock List  2019-5-8更新

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2003 Mercedes benz CLK 320 blackmeta/black leather RHD SR 2020/7

1997 Mercedes Benz SLK 230Compressor LHD yellow/black leathr 2020/6


1962 MG Midget MK1 LHD


 1998 Mercedes Benz E240 57000km SOLD

2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo Dcar 31/8

1994 AMG 500GE Limited Edition only 500made Dcar 31/4 SOLDOUT thanks!

1973 250 pastel white/navy mbtex LHD AT Full 83.000km 31/10

1971 230/6 whitegrey/brown fablic LHD AT PS 51,000km 2owner SOLDOUT thanks!


1990 190E midnightblue/navy cloth RHD 32.500km 29/6

1998 C240 silver/black leather LHD 75.000km

1976 230/4 blue/blue cloth RHD 3owner 28/8

1974 280CE white/BlackMBtex LHD AT Full superb condition

1993 220TE blueback/black cloth Rhd SR 71.000km 2owner

1970 250CE papyrus white /black MBtex 26/4 D-car Superb condition

*1979 450SLC 5.0 silver/navy LHD AT Full 27/6

1975 250 midnightblue/beige cloth LHD AT full 26/3

1993 320TE malachite green/black leather SR LHD 27/3

1991 190E light ivory/brown cloth RHD Full 55.000km

1988 230TE midnightblue/ivoryMBtex LHD SR 27/1 W124earlymodel

1975 230/6 green/lightbrown 26/6

 1985= 230E Caledonia green /black cloth RHD Full

1969 280SE white grey/black MBTEX CAT PS AC LHD single number 『品川3・』付

*1969 300SEL white/navy leather

1970 250CE papyrus white/maroon(top) /brown MBTEX LHD AT full

1973・280CE lightivory/brown MBTEX LHD AT full D-car

1972 280SEL 3.5silver /blue MBTEX LHD FAT Full D-car

 1985 280CE white/blue LHD AT full 22/6 66.000km good condition

1985 230E astral silver/blue Fabric LHD AT Full 49,000km

1982 230E black/navy velours RHD AT Full 36.000km

1980 280E LAPIS BLUE /beige cloth AT Full LHD 1family owner

1980 280SE midnight blue/beige cloth AT Full LHD 51500km

1994 E220T midnightblue/navy cloth RHD AT full

1993 280E blueblack/black cloth RHD AT Full 58.000km good condition

1996 SL320 silver/blackleather LHD AT Full

1989 300SE white/blue cloth LHD 2owner 11,000km

 1989・190E 2.5-16 Evolution1Dealer car

1976 230/6 whitegrey/lightbrown AT Full RHD good condition

1994 E400blueblack/black leather SR AT Full LHD

1973 280CE gold/white leather AT Full Lhd full Restore

1975 230/4 icon gold /brown cloth AT Full RHD good condition

1975 230/6 green/beige MBtex LHD AT Full

1968 230S darkblue/redMBTEX 4CMT cooler LHD full document 2owner 71,000km

1971 250CE beige grey/brown MBtex AT full LHD good condition

976 230/6 midnight blue/blue Fabric AT full LHD good condition

2005 CLS350 Iridiumsilver/black leater LHD glassSR 1owner 19000km

1991Golf cabliolet classic line navy/black leather LHD 65.000km

1992 Volvo 240GL gunmeta/ blackcloth AT Full RHD 39.000km! full maintenance

1978 Austin Mini clubman Estate ivory/browncloth 4sp RHD




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